Here are another few wealthy mind set points as it is an important responsibility for you to achieve your own financial freedom for your end goal.
In order for you to get to your goal of wealth, it is essential that you change your thinking.  being wealthy is more than you having an abundance of money at your finger tips
The first point: is that you don’t get to wealth accidentally it has to be targeted.  Wealth must be your focus and must be part of all your activities.  It must be thought about, planed and become a part of your entire world view.

Point 2: to be wealthy you need to think in terms of prosperity rather than survival. Move your mind from limitation thinking to abundance thinking. Wealthy people look upon the world around them as being full of opportunities to acquire and keep the money and they are constantly looking for ways to do it. They look at every new product and process, every technological market or breakthrough, as a possible opportunity to prosper in some way. Instead of thinking about how little they have, wealthy people are thinking about how much they want to acquire.


point 3:Move from security thoughts to opportunity thoughts.  You don’t achieve financial freedom by playing it safe.  You become financially independent by leading the field.  This doesn’t mean that you risk your money or throw it around.  It means that you are willing to move out of your comfort zone and to try something new and different before everyone else starts trying or doing it.  I have met countless salespeople and businessmen around the country who changed their entire lives by recognizing an opportunity and taking action on it before the vast majority of people woke up to it.  By the time the dust had settled they were well established and had made more money in three or four years than they might have made in 30 or 40 years doing something else in an established field.

point 4: Change your thinking from spending to saving. Experts say that you have to save approximately 20% to 30% of your income if you want to reach the point where you have enough money to handle yourself financially.  The important thing is that, once you begin saving more and more of your income off the top, and living on the rest, you will find that you experience less discomfort.  You become quite comfortable living on a lesser amount.


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