Fitness is a goal that is on a lot of our mines but time is of the essense apart of our complete transformation of mind, body even as simple as styling, comes from first what we put in our mouths to fuel our bodies so even though we are short on time when it comes to building our businesses, working, taking care of the kids and just completing life’s activities we do need to make healthy choices.
Here are 2 fast high protein meals that you can have in the morning to boost your body to start day.
1.Hard Boiled Eggs with Grained Bread
2-3 Large boiled eggs with any healthy grained bread with peanut butter.
400 Calories
17g  Fats
31   Protein
30g Carbs

1 The Greek Yogurt Mix
Combine one cup of yogurt 1/2 cup of oats freeze it in the refrigerator overnight.
In the morning add your favourite fruit with 1 scup of whey protein and stir.
390 Calories
2      Fats
48g  Protein
40g Carbs







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