As any guy who has a number of sweaters in their closet knows dressing to stay warm is not the only important thing, as looking stylish is a part of the cold preparation. That’s why no winter wardrobe is complete without at least one great distictive sweater that can keep you both warm and fly.To help narrow down the endless options you can buy, we looked into quite a number of designers and chose 4 top designers who have multiply distinctive sweaters to choose from.

Kenzo’s stylish sweaters is definately on our list, which isn’t surprising given that its a french luxury fashion house and the brand ranks at the top of almost every list of stylist that puts men’s clothing together. 

competitive pricing ($400-$1100)

Next on our list is Polo Ralph Lauren which is an american company and is usually known for their simple elegant look but they have created the Polo Bear sweater and it is a must have!

competitive pricing ($400-500)

Presenting the Gucci sweaters. Gucci is a highly sort after italian brand which will definitely add a distinguished and expensive look to your closet and your outfit.

competitive pricing ($1500-$4000)

Dolce & Gabbana is next up, another italian fashion giant that you cant go wrong with a lot of their sweaters checks all the boxes warm, distinctive,  and stylish.

competitive ($1600-$5000)

Versace very much is also very distictive with a lot of their sweaters and had to be apart of this list they are another competitive priced italian brand.

competitive ($500=$2500)



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