As winter is still up on us, we have picked out some boots that will still leave you looking dapper in the snow while we await on the warm weather.

lets check out the ultimate guide to picking out your favourite winter boots.



These LV Ranger Ankle boots are quiet the stunner boasting a leather military look with the monogram.

This style will set you back about $2000 but its definitely a pair of boots that you can have for a seriously long time to come.

You cant do no wrong in these classic Gucci Chelsea leather boots with the interlocking G brogue detail and the “gucci”metal at the back.

These are priced at about $1800 but they are pretty solid boots.

This is the perfect Burberry boots this is their archival Vintage check detail leather Chelsea boots, the cost on this piece is about $1350 money well spent.

Over at Prada they have this awesome Nylon and brushed rois leather with a matte finish price point is at about $1790.

Hopefully you are able to choose one of these dapper foot wear from our ultimate recommendation, feel free to comunicate with us about your choices.









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