The luxury brand CHINO ICE INC website and eccommerce store has been relaunched with all new product and a refreshing new look, the store was launched on October 26th to a very successful kick off be sure to check it out.

        CHINO ICE SIGNATURE TSHIRT  click on image to go to shop:



CHINO ICE was established in 1999  and for the past 2 decades the company has been making limited pieces for clients focusing on quality and style.

CHINO ICE MONOGRAM TSHIRT click on image to go to shop :



The company has now decided to take aim at becoming a house hold name and solidifying its spot amongst other public brand names.

     CHINO ICE ICONIC TRACK SUIT click on image to go to shop:



The company also prides itself on being a cornerstone of giving back, and helping this world to be a better place by tying charities to all purchases made.

     CHINO ICE ICONIC TRACK SUIT click on image to go to shop



Check out the CHINO ICE website and be sure to join the movement, its not only clothing but a lifestyle brand.



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