• Tricep workouts that will blast your arm Muscles

    Your triceps makes up about 60 percent of your arm in order to size up on your arm , then you need to get your tricep muscle working.

    Here are our recommendations for working your tricep to its fullest potential.


    (3 sets 10-12 Reps)

    2.Bench Dips

    (3 sets 10-12 Reps)

    3.Diamond press ups

    (3 sets 15-20 Reps)

    4.Incline Dumbbell chest press

    (3 sets 10-12 rep

    5. Cable Rope Pushdown

    (3 sets 10 Reps)

    6.Standing Overhead Cable Extension 

    (3 sets 10-12 reps)

    7.Straight Arm Cable Pull down

    (3 sets 10-12 Reps


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