How to get your Stomach Flat

Let us start by giving a little information that will get you on track mentally so that you can really start focusing on your core.

Having lots of fat in the abdominal area is more than just unattractive it is also strongly linked to problems such as  type 2 diabetes and heart disease amongst other issues.



The real work out starts in the kitchen you need to have the same discipline for your diet and your workouts. Change to 6 small meals a day, cut out added sugar and processed foods as well as get your fair share of dependable sources of protein to help build new muscles in your midsection.


A busy person’s smartest approach is to train their entire body every other day, as a single body weight training session can boost your metabolism for up to two days.

Build your workouts around multi joint movements such as squats, deadlifts, side planks, pushups and rollouts do core exercise at the beginning of your work out instead of at the end as you will get better results by training your core when your muscles are fresh they achieve the fastest gain in strength,

2-5 minutes of core routine prior to weight training builds up your core muscles to help with other exercise.

Hopefully these beginners tips will with your steps to your new lifestyle stay tuned for more.

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